What is consciousness? When a thought comes to mind, where does it come from? We have many ways of sensing the world around us. Still we find it hard to deal with the things we cannot capture in words. Perhaps fearing the chaos of the incomprehensible.

Circus artist Marta Alstadsæter and dancer Kim-Jomi Fischer meet between their genres in a physical duet about this continuous inner struggle. Proposing to face questions without giving answers, they invite you to make peace with the things that are hard to explain. And to embrace the many sides of being human.

In 2018, Kim and Marta were awarded with the BNG Bank Theaterprijs for the concept of Engel. Engel is selected for Aerowaves Twenty19, and will continue touring nationally and internationally in 2019.

It’s possible to buy the soundtrack of Engel.

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Experience Engel?

ENGEL - Marta & Kim

Fri 22 Feb t/m
Sat 23 Feb

Flow-circus, Cultural Centre Valve (FI)

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ENGEL (short version) - Marta & Kim

Wed 6 Mar t/m
Thu 7 Mar

Dansehallerne, Copenhagen (DK)

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ENGEL - Marta & Kim

Fri 5 Apr


Aerowaves, Théâtre Jean Vilar , Vitry-sur-Seine (FR)

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ENGEL (short version)

Thu 12 Sep t/m
Mon 16 Sep

Young Dance Festival Zug 2019, CH

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ENGEL - Marta & Kim

Sat 25 Jan

Theater de Verbeelding, Purmerend

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