Let’s meet our junior board!

As a place for talent development, we think it’s important to use our knowledge and expertise. That’s why in May 2018, we have added a junior board to our existing board, who will learn everthing about being in a board in the coming year! We introduce them here with pleasure!

Simone Divendal

Simone Divendal (24) works as an archivist at Nederlands Dans Theater and has a background in architectural history. ‘The board always felt far from what I’m doing, because I have a limited insight in the tasks of the board. I hope I can change this at Dansateliers!’

Ali Zahidi

Ali Zahidi (22) studies part time accountancy and works at an international company for accountancy. ‘I hope to use my knowledge of accountacy as well as possible to bring Dansateliers further concercing financials. I expect to learn much as a junior board member!

Chaimae Fadis 

Chaimae Fadis (17) is chairman of Young 010 and of the student council of Albeda College. ‘My expectations of my junior boardmembership are that I will gain much experience and can explore new fields.’