Festive première night at Moving Futures Rotterdam

Not one, not two, but three premieres opened the first night of the Rotterdam edition of Moving Futures Festival! After an inspiring meeting with professionals, it was time to admire the hard work of our choreographers Ingrid Berger Myhre, Joseph Simon and Ibon Salvador Bikandi.

Together with composer Lasse Passage, Ingrid Berger Myhre created and performed the humorous duet Panflutes & Paperwork. They took their audience on a journey mapping out the differences and similarities in each other’s disciplines. How do we read a composer dancing?  Or when a choreographer decides to be responsible for the music? We were playfully taken on a journey, from laughter and joy to reflection and nostalgia.

After a short break, in which the audience could leave a message on the review wall and could see short dance films, curated by Cinedans, it was time for the second part of the evening.

The premières of Chameleon by Joseph Simon (Dansateliers) and Blur #1 by Ibon Salvador Bikandi (Azkuna Zentroa) are the result of an exchange program between Dansateliers in Rotterdam and the Spanish art centre Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao.

In Blur#1 the audience was seated in the pitchdark for almost the whole performance. An unexpected place to be. Suddenly we could hear a loud footstep near us. A gasp at the other side of the hall. Then a sudden cry. A flash of light, which shows the silhouette of an existence looking like a human. But is it?

The evening was  concluded with the premiere of Chameleon by Joseph Simon. We see a figure in dark clothing, he sneaks along the back wall. Does he want to hide or does he wish to appear? Slowly but surely he manifests himself and bursts open in fluid, long lines, consisting of legs that circle through the air. After a certain while, he gets up to transform a classical ballet arm to a fluid movement that fires through his body like electricity. This is a chameleon in action. Don’t miss him, chameleons are rare.

You can still visit Moving Futures Festival on Thursday night 21 February 2019 and on Friday night 22 February 2019 in the Pauluskerk and Theater Rotterdam – locatie Schouwburg.  For more information and tickets, go to www.movingfutures.nl.