poetry talent

During One Night’s Dance 2018 Dansateliers invites a selection of talented Rotterdam poets to reflect on the performances. Af the presentations they share their words with the audience and the makers. This year you can come and listed to:

Marjolein Roozen

Poetic reflection on December 7 & 8
Marjolein Roozen was born in Tilburg in 1991 and grew up in Moergestel. After a study in Arts, Culture and Media in Groningen she got her Masters-degree in Cultural Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Since her graduation she has followed classes in writing and poetry by Peter Swanborn, de Schrijversvakschool and the Poetry Academy. She combines writing poetry and short stories with her work in communication in the cultural field.

Anne van Winkelhof

Poetic reflection on December 6 & 13
Anne van Winkelhof (1991) is a writer, teacher and performer. Her poetry was published in a.o. Hard/Hoofd, Hollands Maandblad and is portrayed on a Roteb garbage-truck. Anne van Winkelhof likes to seek a combination of artforms; poetry and visual arts, music and dance. Previous collaborations between Anne and Dansateliers have led to some exciting performances.

Lotte Vermeulen
Poetic reflection on December 14, 15 & 16
Lotte Vermeulen (1984)  is a poet, theatre maker and musician with a critical eye on society.