Movement Class XL: Connor Schumacher

Sun 3 Mar | 13:00

Every first Sunday of the month you can join an extended version of the Movement Class in Dansateliers. The Movement Classes XL are specially constructed around Dansateliers’ 25th anniversary and are taught by different choreographers connected to the house. The class is an in-depth introduction to the movement material and working methods of the dance-artists. By the use of physical exercises and tasks they will take you along an exploration in improvisation, performance and body-awareness. Professional dancer, amateur or never seen a dancefloor before? No problem, the lesson is open for everyone.

On Sunday 3 March Connor Schumacher will teach the Movement Class XL. Connor Schumacher is a great conceiver and creator of wonderful and never obvious imagery. By searching for a balance between theatrical imagery, transparent use of objects, and composition Connor tries to bring awareness to the present moment. In the movement class you get acquainted with his way of moving and thinking. Below he elaborates a little bit about what the movement class xl will be about.

What is the concept of the class?

In this class we are creating, what I like to call, the State of Dance. I am attempting to govern the space by engaging in a certain set of rules of values for the individuals inside, but then it is each individual person’s decision how they live out their experience inside of the State of Dance.

What can the participants expect during the class?

to get warm

to come together

to rave

to express the agency of their own desire to move

to find the potential for movement in their thoughts, their own bodies, in the space, and with others.

What do you want to explore during the class?

To explore how it is possible with contemporary dance practice, to simulate a performative society, and to decide what are the rules and values we want to practice as we live inside of this space. How do we want to be human? How do we want to move? Where do we want to move? What do we need to move? What makes us want to move?

What do you think the participants can gain from the class?

Stamina for life

The production of presence

A life turn-on

To practice to being a professional human, in all the nice and challenging ways.

Every first sunday of the month
Time: 13.00-16.00
Location: Dansateliers
Price: 15 euro