Movement Class XL: Loïc Perela

Sun 6 Jan | 13:00

Every first Sunday of the month you can join an extended version of the Movement Class in Dansateliers. The Movement Classes XL are specially constructed around Dansateliers’ 25th anniversary and are taught by different choreographers connected to the house. The class is an in-depth introduction to the movement material and working methods of the dance-artists. By the use of physical exercises and tasks they will take you along an exploration in improvisation, performance and body-awareness. Professional dancer, amateur or never seen a dancefloor before? No problem, the lesson is open for everyone.

Every first sunday of the month
Time: 13.00-16.00
Location: Dansateliers
Price: 15 euro

On January 6th the movement class is taught by Loïc Perela. Loïc is interested in generating compositions that appear to be natural unfolding of events, very sensorial and experiential in the way they are perceived. He envisions choreography as a medium to move bodies as much as a way of moving space, sound and time. These various elements are composed within situations that become islands of possible meanings and sensations.

During this extended Movement Class he will introduce you to his way of working and creation methods.