Roser López Espinosa

”We will approach movement from the basis of an articulated, soft, agile, fast and powerful body. And we will put the different eye ranges into practice, as well as detail, precision and a playful mind.”

Roser López Espinosa is an associated artist of creation centre La Caldera in Barcelona and a resident artist in Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona. She is a regular teacher at the Dance Conservatory of Barcelona / Institut del Teatre, as well as, a guest teacher at MTD in Amsterdam, ArtEZ Dance academyin Arnhem and Dansateliers and teaches workshops internationally. With her work, Roser López Espinosa combines physical power, subtleness, risk and detail and searches for suggestion, team work and physical imagination. Her workshops and lessons propose a technical work, movement research and practice on creation tools. Strong physicality, delicacy, complicity and imagination are central.