Nina Wollny

“Your life, Your choice , Your dance”

Nina Wollny studied contemporary dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (now Codarts). After her graduation in 2002, she joined the company anoukvandijk dc and where she worked as a dancer, rehearsal director and artistic assistant for more than 10 years. Nina is a passionate Countertechnique teacher and regular teacher at dance academies and companies around the world. She teaches performers with various backgrounds like break-dancers, physical theater performers, circus artists and actors. As one of the main teachers of Countertechnique, she has contributed to the continuous development of the technique.

Countertechnique is a movement system developed to help the dancer think about the dancing body, focusing on the process of incorporating information into action. Within a clear structure of exercises, the Countertechnique class enables dancers to move big and fluidly, while becoming strong and flexible. Dancers are encouraged to be proactive in discovering connections and solutions, to be less concerned with judging themselves and to work in a healthy way with regard to the whole self.