Erik Spruijt

Erik Spruijt studied at Codarts, Rotterdam and took part in an exchange program of the Palucca Hochschule in Dresden. After graduation, he worked as a freelance dancer in the Netherlands, and in international productions. For a while, he joined the Dance Company Nanine Linning, but he left in order to develop himself professionally. Since then, he has worked for Nanine Linning as a choreographic assistant and Gauthier Dance in Stuttgart, where he helped Nanine Linning create the choreography The Black Painting. Apart from this he is a dancer, masseur , videomaker and sometimes even a technician. As balletteacher he is a frequent teacher at Dansateliers.


morning class

Mon 6 Aug t/m
Fri 10 Aug

Daily morning class for professional dancers.

Morning Class

Mon 13 Aug t/m
Fri 17 Aug

Daily morning class for professional dancers.