Corneliu Ganea

”I invite you to enlarge your awareness of your physicality and to develop deeper moments of introspection.”

Corneliu Ganea is a Romanian choreographer and teacher based in Amsterdam. He started dancing at the age of 10. His career has led him through Romania, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. Whilst dancing in companies such as Ballet Theatre Augsburg, Ballet Theatre Munich, NND/Galilidance, and Dansgroep Amsterdam, Corneliu also worked with a variety of choreographers such as Heinz Spoerli, Johann Heckmann, Philip Taylor, Guy & Roni, Itzik Galili, Krisztina de Chatel, Michael Schumacher and many more. The focus in his class is to prepare the dancers physically and mentally, getting them ready for a full day of work. Maintaining a high technical level of the class, through the use of musicality, rhythm, coordination and advanced exercises, Corneliu invites the dancers to enlarge the awareness of their physicality and to develop a deeper introspective movements. The class never remains the same, but evolves organically, retaining a sense of familiarity, throughout the week.


Morning Class

Mon 17 Sep t/m
Fri 21 Sep

Dagelijkse open dansles voor professionals.