Elita Cannata

Elita Cannata (1985) is an Italian dancer, currently based in Amsterdam.
She graduated from Rotterdam Dance Academy / Codarts in the Netherlands with a BA in dance in 2007. During her education and after her graduation among others she performed creations by José Navas, Megumi Nakamura, Anoukvandijk dc, Cathy Sharp Ensemble, Compagnia Tpo, Tom Dale, Tan Temel, Samuele Cardini, Marina Giovannini, Fabio Liberti, Emanuel Gat, Lynsey Peisinger, Itzik Galili and Fabrizio Favale Le Supplici.

In 2011 she got her MA in Theories of Performing Arts at the Università degli Studi in Bologna after completing a period of study in Paris, during which she went theoretically and practically deep to the fascinating interactions between dance and new technologies. From 2014 she is a Countertechnique teacher, since then she is happily sharing this essential encounter of her life in many Institutions around Europe.