Jenia Kasatkina

Jenia Kasatkina studied modern and contemporary dance at the Rotterdam
Dance Academy, Codarts. During her education and after her graduation in
2009 she has worked with several companies and choreographers such as:
Anouk van Dijk, Jack Gallagher, Nanine Linning, Leine&Roebana, Norrdans,
De Stilte, United-C, among the others. In 2012 Jenia became a certified
Countertechnique teacher and at the moment she is teaching in different
places and companies in Holland and abroad, such as Codarts, HJS, De
Stilte, Circle Rotterdam (Netherlands), Danish Dance Theatre (Denmark),
Skånes Dansteater, Danscentrum Stockholm (Sweden), TSEKH
(Russia),Tanzquartier Wien, SEAD, Landestheater Linz (Austria) among the