Adam Ster

Adam Ster was born in Budapest and graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy. He is a dancer, performer, teacher and music producer based in Cologne, Germany.

Since 1995 he's been working/ performing with various dance companies in Europe; such as Jeune Ballet de France, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Amanda Miller's pretty ugly tanz köln.

He is a founding member of the Cologne based MichaelDouglas Kollektiv (, a group of dance artists that continually investigates the intricacies of collective creation and engages with the practical and theoretical aspects of collaboration in performing arts. With the Kollektiv he has collaborated with Georg Reischl, Fabrice Mazliah, Angela Shubot, Jared Gradinger, Gob Squad, Prue Lang and Stefan Dreher.


In 2008 Adam Ster received a certificate in “Electronic Music Production” at the SAE Institute, Köln and has been realising sound compositions specifically for dance; for choreographers among others Lucas Jervies/Korzo Productions (NL), Georg Reischl/pretty ugly tanz köln (DE), Douglas Bateman/Dansateliers (NL) and Sandra Marin-Zoran Markovic/Theater Heidelberg.


The focus of my ballet training is on motion and the allowing of the dancers to use their own understanding of space and dynamics within the classical vocabulary. Between sections of the class I insert yoga practices which in my experience re-energise the system, create more space in the body and between thoughts to allow for an even deeper body-mind connection.