Maria Campos Arroyo

Maria Campos Arroyo (Barcelona) has worked with various companies and emerging artists, combining teaching and her own creation. She has worked with Meekers in co production with Hans Hof Ensemble in The Netherlands, Protein Dance and Tom Dale in the UK and in Spain with Sol Picó, Àngels Margarit/Cia.Mudances, John Jasperse, Susana Amarante Duarte, Roser López Espinosa and Guy Nader, among others.

She studied at SEAD in Austria and graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (MTD) in 2003.

This class proposes different ways of falling into the floor and moving on it in a dynamic but smooth way, with the muscular tone needed and avoiding extra information that may slower our moves. Efficiency and organic approach to movement that will bring us to challenging places.

We will seek in our dance for the strength and energy needed to execute a movement in order to develop a dynamic and energetic way of moving coexisting with the directions that the space around provide us. Understanding movement as a driving force.