Loïc Perela

Loïc Perela (1983) danced for Europa Danse, IT Dansa, Donlon Dance Company and Scapino Ballet. In 2007, he won the Scapino Production Prize during the Hannover Choreographic Competition. For the Donlon Dance Company (Saarbrücken, Germany) he created Avec le printemps derrière and A la reflexion. When working for Scapino Ballet, he choreographed several pieces for the company, Craquer la peau, Hmm mm m and Par la main to name a few. Since the summer of 2012 he decided to focus on his career and development as a free lance choreographer. He took part of Dansateliers international project ChoreoroamEurope 2012 and in that same year created ‘Au creux de l'oreille’ for One Night’s Dance.