Ederson Rodrigues Xavier

Ederson Rodrigues Xavier was born in Brazil.
He had his self-education on Capoiera, Afro Jazz, Modern dance and Classical Ballet in Brazil. In 1988 he joined QUASAR Company of Dance (BR), where he worked till 1992, (as a dancer and teacher).
                                                                 In 1993 he hails to Holland where he studied release technique and improvisation at SNDO (Amsterdam Theater School

Currently works as an independent choreographer/dancer/teacher based in Amsterdam, creating for Korzo Producties, Dans Makers Amsterdam dance productions, Dance Companies in Holland and throughout the world. He also gives workshops on choreography and dance technique.

He’s been developing an intense physical language, using the body as a medium to communicate concepts driven by a deeper understanding of the body and the space around us, abstracting emotions in space and time.
He always strives to collaborate with composers, visual artists, video makers, actors, sculptors, designers, painters and singers. Xavier is also known by his skills on improvisation, where he shares it with his dancers through the use of different techniques and by integrating into his work and on open performances and workshops