Claire Philippart

Danced from 1982-1999 at the National Ballet as soloist or principal in most ballets of the classical, and the Balanchine repertoire; in most creations from R. Van Dantzig, T. van Schayk, H. van Manen, E. Lock, C. Carlson, A. Page W. Forsythe, and T. Brandsen. She teaches classical ballet for the HJS, Dancestreet,  Amsterdam Dance Center, at the Theaterschool Amsterdam (for SNDO and  for the ‘vooropleiding’ HNB) and at Marieke van der Heijden Studio. During the training, she prefers to draw the student’s interest towards the material given, and share a sincere concentration as well as a sense of play, while we experience the infinite possibilities classical ballet vocabulary offers; that way, the dancer exceeds exclusive focalization on technique: her aim is to avoid unnecessary tensions through the warm-up, to bring the dancer to articulate consciously all his limbs, and at last to interpret with confidence and pleasure the combination, to create contrasts (phrasing the movements on the music, use of the space, energy levels through the combinations…).