Monument (2012)

Brand New#3: coproduction Dansateliers and Conny Janssen Danst

Monument is the action of the inside coming out. What are these elements that come to the surface and from where do they emerge? Through this process of relinquishing, paradoxically something is simultaneously being built. What is this structure? A structure which unfolds, but at the same time has always been present. Within something hidden and unknown, Monument reveals a phenomenal state where at first glance it is exceptional, but at the same time, points to something raw, real and ultimately human.

Choreography and concept by Julian Barnett
Performance and research by Gideon Pouier, Merel Lammers and Ines Nieder
Music by Kieran Hebden, Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek
Photography: Pepijn Lutgerink
Guidance by Kristin de Groot, Bruno Listopad, Thomas Körtvélyessy, Valasia Simeon, Tomaz Simatovic and Jocelyn Tobias

Monument from Julian Barnett on Vimeo.