Blueprints (2010)

BRAND NEW #2 Coproductie Dansateliers en Conny Janssen Danst

My father built houses when I was young. 
He built the house I grew up in. 
He built all of the neighbours' houses.
He built the whole neighbourhood.

My father's office was filled with blueprints.
They had a strange and wonderful look, feel and smell that fascinated me.
Those blueprints held all sorts of coded information.

A code, a language unto itself -  that some people seem to understand.
For the moment, this is a blueprint.
My blueprint.


Concept & choreografie: Michael Jahoda / duur: 25 minuten / muziek: Mark Drillich / dansers: Winston Arnon, Yanaika Holle, Martijn Kappers, Lola Mino, Gideon Poirier, Christiana Ruggieri / fotografie: Leo van Velzen