Katerina Dietzová & Jelte van Andel



‘I mean in a way that you don’t get the content, but you do understand the situation.
‘So then what do you think of this conversation?
‘I could imagine that you pick out something…’
‘…from the other conversation?
‘I don’t know, maybe it’s…’
‘That I pick out something from…’
‘That you take a part, which doesn’t refer to anything.
‘I’m a bit afraid, if it is so abstract and there are used those kind of broad meanings that it potentially has as well deep, that then it’s very…’
‘But it doesn’t have to contain these words.
‘Well, there is such a connection, that it immediately shows you some kind of a very strong statement.
‘Yes, but then at some moment they speak about…’
‘…radios on the beach.
‘Or the thought of the sun and the sea as lesser evils. I cannot say this is it, but you have some kind of colors or flavors, but they dont give it big meaning. Only pictures.
‘I wonder about this.

In de ruimte plaatsen we onszelf, onze lichamen, verschillende objecten en de volgende vragen:

Is het mogelijk om de dingen te zien zoals ze zijn? Kan een ding zonder herinnering? Hoort iets altijd bij iets anders? 

Een verkenning van context en interpretatie door Katerina Dietzova en Jelte van Andel.

Dramaturgie: Jellichje Reijnders


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