Tony Vezich

26 June - 30 June

Release the beast is a contemporary floor technique developed by choreographer and teacher Tony Vezich. The technique is a reaction to a serious side effect of his intense and physical working trajectories. In order to help protect his dancers from serious injury Tony started to develop special exercises that developed into a complete technique Release the Beast.

In the workshop there is a heavy emphasis on floor-work and a certain sequential order of the body in relation to the origin of movement initiation. Another defining factor is how to find a powerful centre, how to use this powerful centre to move greater distances within space, especially in relation to the floor and the lower region of a dance space.‚Äč

Date: 26 t/m 30 juni
Location: Dansateliers Studio, 's Gravendijkwal 58-b, Rotterdam
Time: 10:30-14:30h
Tickets: 126 euro (incl. online fee) 
Location: Dansateliers, Rotterdam



Note!  The classes are open to professional dancers or advanced dance students (16+). The class starts with an open Release the Beast - class followed by an in depth workshop of the technique.

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