07 December - 17 December
Dansateliers, Rotterdam

For One Night's Dance 2017, Dansateliers invited several artists from different disciplines to contribute to the program. The special contributions are presented as part of the program.

Yasmila van Vliet (1991) graduated in 2014 at the Willem de Kooning Acadmey as a teacher in  visual arts and design. In addition to her job as a teacher, she has been a parttime student at the Fotovakschool in Rotterdam. During One Night's Dance 2017 she accompanied the makers througout the creation proces. The result of these encounters is a personal series of photoportraits of each project.

Lili Ullrich (1993) is currently studying Fine Art at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. With her work she focusses on the notions of sensuality and sublimation and tries to evoke a feeling of tactility through sculpture and installations.

Marjolein Roozen and Lotte Vermeulen, alternetaly, offer a poetic reflection, inspired by the performances. Both ladies are part of the Poetry Academy, Rotterdam.

photo: Yasmila van Vliet

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