Evangelos Biskas & Elysia Mc Mullen

14 October - 15 October
Dansmakers podium, Amsterdam

On October 14th, the performance In Search of a Title by the young makersduo Evangelos Biskas and Elysia Mc Mullen and musicians Isaac Poels (viola) and Ruben den Brok (keyboard) will première in Dansmakers podium, Amsterdam. The piece was developed as part of the Moving Forward / Yound makerstrajectory in residency with the Moving Futures partners DansBrabant, Dansateliers, Generale Oost and Dansmakers Amsterdam.  

In In Search of a Title the performers use Surrealism and absurdism as startingpoints for a physical dance piece. With the human body as a medium, they search for the origins of instinctive behaviour. What do we define as normal, natural and logical? Can we redefine the norms?

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